Get ready to start your summer by joining us at MELA! Festivals' 7th annual World Day Celebration and Music Festival on Canada Day at Granville Island.

Sunday July 1st, 2012

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On Canada Day, for the past 7 years, MELA! Festivals has been at the forefront of creating new and unique cultural celebrations that transcend the barriers of language, race and religion. Our event draws a crowd of exuberant fun lovers to Granville Island for a day of parading, eating and dancing in the sunshine.

This is a day of world rhythm music, food, and culture. Over the years, the Festival has grown into one of the largest Canada Day events on the local calendar ‐‐ and with tens of thousands of attendees, possibly the largest cultural event of its type on Canada Day in BC.

Little Known Ways to Turn Your Parties Awesome

If you think that inviting a few friends to your home, having some food delivered and researching how to make a gin cocktail with raspberries as well as other drink concoctions online would be the end of your challenge in preparing for a home party, then you definitely have a lot more to learn about the entire process. Making sure that your home party turns out great does not need to be too complicated, in fact, there are a few helpful yet easy ways that you can follow on your own to be able to get to party preparations for a successfully planned out home party.

More Helping Hands

Planning out a party is definitely no easy task and when you do it alone there is just only so much that you can accomplish so bringing in a few extra hands to help you out as you make some food and prepare some drinks can definitely make all your prep time a lot easier to deal with all throughout your home celebrations. This is even more helpful for you as a party host because since you are getting everything ready in your own home, having a few extra hands to help you out will make all the details easier.

Create a Doable Plan

All parties are a lot easier to map out when you have all of the necessary details put into place, so it is important that you get to prepare everything at the initial stages of your prep so that you can check on all of these particulars for your party and see if each of these are good enough to work with as your preparations progress. What is great about having a plan set up is that you get to figure out if there are some issues that need to be resolved first hand and if there are some options that can be used over others.

Simple and Unique

Whether you have hosted a party in your home before or if it is your first time to do so, it is important to be sure that you go for something that is simple and will not get you too rattled for preparations but at the same time you also need to take into consideration creating your party into something that will turn up to be unique than that of others. Have enough time that will help you to decide on what will be happening during the duration of your party and get to plot out what specific details will take place too.

Cater to the Needs of Guests

A party can never be a party without your guests so it is of course your best interest to have their needs addressed during your celebrations, so be sure to get through to all the different ideals that everyone would most likely expect during a party. Have enough time to think up of a workable menu that you will be serving your guests and at the same time also come up with some of unique eats as well as drinks that would cater to what they expect and get them what they really want.

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